3mm Birch Ply Sheets - (POPLAR CORE) NEW PRODUCT*

Product code: SK-917168
3mm plywood sheets A4 A3* 2'x1; and 16"x24" 148x21mm 210x300mm 300x400mm 300x600mm or 400x600mm Excellent for Arts and Crafts / Pyrography CNC etc. Boards cut with a +/- 2mm tolerance

Product information

These are 3mm Birch Ply Boards with a Poplar Core and with an excellent finish free from knots and plugs* (*see below)

Excellent for a range of uses including general craft, laser cutting / Pyrography CNC etc.

The Poplar core makes the product slightly lighter (than a birch core) and easier to cut with a laser cutter making it very popular with people using laser cutters.

*NEW PRODUCT Please Note this product is from a new manufacturer (as off 28/11/2022) and so may differ slightly to previous ply you have purchased from us. 

This product has a birch ply veneer with a Poplar core

All our boards are measured in Metric with a cutting tolerance of +- 2mm both length and width and may even vary within an order (especially large orders)

Where we specify A5 A4 or A3 for our Birch Ply sheets these are only a rough guide and not exactly the same so;

A5 is 148mm x 210mm - we sell 148mm x 210mm within tolerance +/- 2mm

A4 is 210mm x 297mm - we sell 210mm x 300mm within tolerance +/- 2mm

A3 is 297mm x 420mm - we sell 300mm x 400mm within tolerance +/- 2mm

300mm x 600mm - approx 1ft x 2ft within tolerance +/- 2mm

400mm x 600mm - approx 16" x 24" within tolerance +/- 2mm

Please note. Wood is a natural product and the layered construction of plywood can cause stresses that can cause mild warp and bending, High levels of moisture can make the bend and twist more pronounced. The larger 3mm boards A4 and up can be especially prone to warp

Storing in a warm environment and storing with a heavy weight or heavy board on top will minimise warping but some warp and bend is to be expected.

*This is a high grade ply rich in colour with an attractive grain.  We have not found any plugs or open knots on any of the product we have processed.  There are sometimes so very small closed knots but overall the ply is of excellent quality with a smooth finish .

Technical specifications

Product Code SK-917168
Weight 0.13kg

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Great product- lasers well Verified Purchase

I'm so pleased to have found this product. It has a good finished surface, no sanding needed. I use it for my Xtool D1 pro. It cuts very well with no excessive smoke but I found it quite sooty. My fingers were black from handling the cut pieces. The scrapped boards were easy to break too but have found no weakness in my cut pieces yet. I've turn down my cut settings to power 90% speed 3 mm/s. No more sooty hands! My wish is for A3 to be 420 mm rather than 400 mm wide

Booseng Khoo | Glasgow | December 2023

Totally worth buying

Each sheet is smooth and ready for me to laser cut it so minimal sanding. Some sheets have naturally twisted but not by much and easily flattened. On my 2nd box of 100 sheets now.

Andrew Burns | Twickenham | October 2021