Armature Wire

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Armature Wire
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Bare Aluminium Armature Wire - 0.56mm - 4.55mm Diameters
Unfinished silver aluminium wire for use in armature and jewelry making, available in a range of gauges.
Bare Aluminium Wire Spools - 0.56mm - 4.55mm
Aluminium wire supplied on spools, various gauges available
200 x 30cm x 0.9mm Galvanised Steel Wire
200 30cm lengths of 0.9mm galvanised steel wire
Set of 12 Coloured Copper Wire Reels
From: £3.45
Pack of 12 assorted colour copper wire reels, various gauges available.
Galvanised Steel Craft Wire
Galvanised Steel Wire for a range of purposes, available in sizes from 0.71mm to 2.0mm