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Kerax KeraSoy Container - Soy / Soya Wax

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Kerax KeraSoy 100% Natural Soy Wax for CONTAINER Candles 

This product is the UK manufactured replacement for the discontinued US NGI CB-135 blend product

KeraSoy Container is a 100% natural soy container candle wax developed and manufactured in the UK by Kerax.

Formulated to produce container candles without the need for further additives other than fragrance and colour as required by the candle maker.

Suitable for the making of container candles.

To make pillar candles / wax melts / tarts etc you need Kersaoy PILLAR wax

Every KeraSoy wax comes with a Technical Data Sheet with instructions on how to get the best from your KeraSoy Wax purchase.

Congealing point : 34.0°C  Melting point: 45.5°C

Max melting temp: 85.0°C   Flash point   : >150°C

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