Paraffin Waxes

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Paraffin Waxes
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Kerawax 4105 High Quality Blended Container Candle Wax
From: £1.95
Kerawax 4105 is the finest quality wax produced by the UK wax supplier Kerax
Kerawax P9056 High Quality Candle Paraffin Wax
From: £1.95
Kerawax 422 is a quality Paraffin wax produced by the UK based company Kerax
Kerax 2001 'Dip and Carve' Candle Wax
From: £2.88
Highly frost resistant. Works great with dyes, and contracts slightly from container, producing a beautiful appearance. Smooth, even burn pool with consistent color retention.
Kerax 4600 is a high quality blended Paraffin wax with palm Stearin to give smoother pillar and container candles.
Premium Microcrystalline Wax - Kerax Techniwax 9356
From: £1.29
Sasolwax 1800 is a high quality microcrystaline wax from Germany