Superior Pumice Powder - All Grades

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High quality pumice powders, available in a range of grades and pack sizes

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Highest Quality Pumice Powder for Craft / Cosmetic / Jewellery Use

This listing is for Superior Grade Pumice Powder. You can choose your grade and from the drop down menus above.

The various grades and some common uses are;

Extra Coarse, 36 Mesh

Coarse, 1/0N grade / 60 Mesh

Medium 2/0N grade / 90 Mesh

Fine 3/0N grade / 120 Mesh

Superfine FF grade / 240 Mesh

Superfine FFF grade / 360 Mesh

Superfine FFFF grade / 360/90% Mesh

Pumice is commonly used in a variety of applications ranging from metal polishing (Jewellry, coins, precious metals, glass etc) (120,240,360 Mesh) to French Polishing (240,360 mesh) to Cosmetics (60,90 Mesh). Also used within dentistry as a polishing compound (90,120 Mesh). It is the mild abrasive of choice in cosmetics specifically within the areas of exfoiliating soaps and cleansers where the 60 mesh and 90 mesh products are best for providing that mild abrasive feel. The product comes as a near white powder which can be mixed with water or oil to form an abrasive paste.

*Mesh is a measure of grain size and refers to the number of openings in a sieve 1 inch accross. So for example, a 60 mesh grain is a sieve 1 inch accross with 60 holes and reults in a grain size of 0.25mm. The larger the number the smaller the grain so a 120 mesh has a grain 0.125mm across and conversely a 30 mesh grain would be 0.5mm accross. The mesh measurement quoted is for the largest particle size and basically means you'll never get a bit of pumice bigger than that in the bag, but the bag will actually contain a blend of much finer particles from the very finest up to the quoted 60 mesh size. The Superfine FFFF has a higher proportion of finer grains than the fine FFF pumice.

*Note the information provided in this listing is only a rough guide and we accept no responsibility for damage howsoever caused by the use of this product.

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Product Code SK-804921
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